How to handle your Deejo

How to sharpen your Deejo

 How to clean your Deejo


Like any pocket knife, a folding Deejo should never be washed in the dishwasher. The mechanism that allows the articulation of the blade and handle; although highly resistant stainless steel; may be irreparably damaged.

Never rub the blade of a Deejo knife directly with an abrasive surface. Even the scraping side of a sponge can scratch the blade of a Deejo. Always use a soft cloth or the soft side of a slightly dampened sponge. Dry well after cleaning.

Don’t use any aggressive reference in association with the use of a knife. Yes, Deejo knives cut expertly (as they were designed to do so), but Deejo knives should only be dangerous to steaks, fruit, parcels, and love-letter envelopes!

Don’t cut yourself! Always keep all Deejo knives closed when not in use.

Don’t try to be a knife maker. Do not disassemble or try to customise any Deejo. Users modifying a Deejo will do so at their own risk.